Memory Book to be completed by early 2014.

Quite a bit of progress has been made on the Kelvin 100th Memory Book, and it’s very close to completion. Sadly, it won’t be ready for Christmas 2013, as anticipated. Our historians have had very demanding teaching schedules and we are excited to give them some time to make this a very full and detailed memory book. The book should be ready in early 2014.


The book will be divided into four sections: 1912-1937, 1937-1962, 1962-1987, 1987-2012. Each section is highly visual and has a history of Kelvin during those 25 years, has biographies (often with pictures) of distinguished alumni as well as some teachers and principals. There are also stories about: Kelvin and the world wars, the General Strike, the school’s first yearbook, the Great depression, the various anniversary reunions, school dances, music, sports, art, graduation, the building of the new school, student writings, etc. Almost the entire history for the book has been written from the study of primary sources such as yearbooks, student council records, Et Cetera, Off the Cuff, etc. We hope you will see it as unique historical resource for our school, division, and community.


We will be in touch by email, mail or telephone when the book is ready for distribution, please ensure your alumni record is up to date at in case your information has changed since the big event.