Band Line-up

Rin Tin Iron ( two person, folk duo)

Rin Tin IronRIN TIN IRON 1969 1970 One third of the original band is re-united as BILL HAMILTON and DIANA HALTER team up with BETH HAMILTON.  Bill and Di were in the original band with fellow Kelvin alumni Doug Mackenzie, Fraser Lindsay and Chuck McCandless, and Ken Koblun from St. James.  Bill’s master musician daughter Beth brings her sublime voice to the set; Suite: Judy Blue Eyes, Safe in My Garden, When You Dance.

RIN TIN IRON had diverse musical/cultural influences and backgrounds.  We chose material rich in vocal dynamics & harmonies, dance rhythms, re-created covers from the truly powerful political folk music of that era. We also wrote tunes for our 5 part
vocals, piano, fingerstyle guitar, 12 string rhythm guitar, banjo, electric bass and percussion. Diana and Doug had a folk duo “Doug & Di” from 1966-68, then RIN TIN IRON was formed.   Gigs around town included the Fireplace, Kelvin High School, local coffee houses/community clubs, and a one-time line-up with [the real “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag”] James Brown Revue at UMSU’s official opening!

Bill and Di continue musical pursuits, including; performing, writing, producing, teaching,
mentoring, music therapy, and learning.  Doug lives in Winnipeg, practices law; Fraser, a tech wiz, plays arranges & writes in BC; Chuck is musical in Duncan BC, and Ken lives in southern California.

Our thanks to the Buffalo Springfield for their bass player [long story] and to the  outpouring of great 60’s music from which we drew our inspiration.

Fred Penner and Grant Boden (two person, folk duo)

Fred Penner & Grant Boden

Grant BodenGrant Boden
Kelvin – Grade 12 class president,
Student Council member, Saunderson House leader and proud founding member of
the Kelvin Diners Club and The Stubby Six music group.

After graduating from Kelvin, Grant
Boden studied Architecture and Environmental Studies at University of Manitoba.
During university days he was the drummer/vocalist in The Electric Jug &
Blues Band. In 2010 the band was presented with the Manitoba Blues Society
Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award.

He lives in the USA and spends 6 to
8 months a year travelling the world. A global stroller.

Sons of York (pop, rock, three person band)

Sons of YorkThree brothers named Luke, Jake and Cody = SONS OF YORK. They write songs for the coming of age struggle, the people they have known and the places they’ve been. Their sound draws on the stripped down, soulful grit of The Black Keys, mixed with Everly Brothers harmonies, Springsteen-like honesty and the brit brashness of The Who.

In July of 2011 they left their home town of Winnipeg, Manitoba and headed for the Big Apple. In just five days they recorded a very cool demo with producer duo Gus Van Go and Werner F. (The Stills, Priestess, Hollerado, The Trews).

After extensive touring through southern Ontario in 2011, and the release of the their first music video, SONS OF YORK is currently amassing demo recordings in preparation for their next release and subsequent western Canadian tour in summer 2012.

Krazy Madness (pop, rock, four person band)

Krazy MadnessKRAZY MADNESS is the only OLD S’KOOL original family 80’s rock n’ roll heavy metal band. Father,uncle and sons powerhouse.

Patrick was born in Québec City in 1971 and has been playing music since
he was 14 years old. His resume is very long in the music industry and he has
talent with multiple instruments. Patrick is the lead singer and
rhythm guitarist for KRAZY MADNESS. He is also the Father of KRAZY MADNESS’ drummer, Kevin, and bass player, Kelsey. In Patrick’s words, “ZAKK WYLDE & OZZY SAVED ME AND THE WORLD!” I love my wife and kids and WE ARE GONNA ROCK YOU as KRAZY MADNESS for generations to come… to infinity! Long after I’m gone the kids of my kids and their kids too will be Krazy Madness…WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT??? BANG  YOUR HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

Kevin was born in 1993 in Quebec City and has been playing drums for 15 years. He lives in Winnipeg, MB, Canada since OZZY came on Oct. 27 2007. His favorite drummer of all time is TOMMY ALDRIDGE, and also Frankie Banali, Vinnie Appice, JOHN HENRY BONHAM. Kevin is a current student at Kelvin High School and he is graduating this year.

Kelsey (m) was born in Quebec City on Halloween 1995. Kelsey’s favorite bassman is Mr. RUDY SARZO and Geezer Butler…he has been playing bass for 6 years and guitar for 7 years. Rudy has signed his bass and said:”I wanna see Kelsey on VH1 in 10 years!” Kelsey is also a current student at Kelvin High School and he is currently in grade 11.

BAZ is our guitar wizard. His influences are Ritchie Blackmore, Randy Rhoads, Frank Zappa, Blue Oyster Cult, Van Halen, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix. His first concert was Ozzy with RANDY RHOADS, Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge at age 14. He knew what he was gonna do with his life right then…PLAY GUITAR!

KRAZY MADNESS is a balance of young energy and intelligent experience. With much admiration for their influences, KRAZY MADNESS puts on an electric production that will wake up the krowd and make their hair stand up on their head just like in the 80’s! The show includes props, costumes, fire/lightning and bats!

Doug Edmond Band (roots, jazz, rock, five person band)

Doug Edmond BandSinger/Songwriter/Pianist Doug Edmond is an independent roots/adult alternative artist who continues to perform solo, with his trio or five piece band at a variety of venues,
festivals and events including the past number of years at the TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival. Doug will be performing at the Kelvin reunion social event with his band mates Mitch Dorge (of Crash Test Dummies fame) on drums, Alasdair Dunlop on bass, Bill Spornitz on sax and Rubin Kantorovich on guitar.

Between best describes Edmond’s music and is the operative word in the title of his album Between the Shadows and the Light. The listener will “…find Doug betwixt a number of genres and influences. While his raspy pipes and folksy delivery suggest he’s spent
quality time with Dylan’s catalogue (the cover of It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue helps, too), some jazzy pop and burbling guitars move things in a Knopfleresque direction — while the mellow saxophone and soulful elements take a detour to Van Morrison’s realm. Rather than being neither here nor there, Edmond makes between seem like the right place to be.” During live performances the group slides easily from heartfelt personal ballads to lively root-jazz numbers.

His follow up critically acclaimed Xmas release Starry Nights includes tracks by members of his five piece band as well as Sweet Alibi and Lindsey White in December 2011. “This is a group of musicians using their talents to make Christmas music a little bit better and a lot more interesting”.

At the upon 2012 TD Winnipeg International Jazz Festival Doug will be paying tribute to Tom Waits (the photo of Doug is based upon an early album cover) contribution as a singer/songwriter and unique musically arrangements. The selection of tunes will reflect Waits divergent styles and wealth of material fused to the new tunes written by Doug
influenced by Tom Waits.

Doug is currently working on his third CD with his Juno award winning drummer and producer Dorge. It is anticipated that the album will reflect the energy Doug’s live performances and his ever expanding songwriting sensibilities. Check out Doug’s sound at

Forever Midnight (hard rock, three person band)

Forever Midnight is the newest group to join Winnipeg’s Classic Rock scene. A traditional ‘Power Trio’ comprised of vocalist and guitarist Rik Davis, Matt Jacobson on 6-string bass and drummer Roger Sing. As veterans of the local music scene, Forever Midnight features three-part harmonies and plays a diverse blend of classic rock spanning such groups as Free, Queen, Journey, and Rush.

Cast Iron Potty Band (blue grass, folk, four person band)

Cast Iron Potty BandThe Cast Iron Potty Band consists of Rob Deyman, Dick Moffat, Fred Dawkins and Hugh Malcolmson: four long-time friends who share a love of jug band music and a willingness to be ridiculous in public. They started playing together in high school in Winnipeg back in the Bronze Age, and have been at it – sporadically – ever since. Their musical influences range from classic Beale Street jug band standards, to bluegrass and
old-time country blues, to frenetic show tunes featuring bird calls and elephant noises. If you have ever wanted to learn how to play the washboard, or the jug, or the gutbucket bass…we urge you to seek psychiatric help now. Or if that’s not practical, come out to see the Cast Iron Potty Band, and let your toes do the tapping.

Sean Brown Band (rock/alt-country band)

Sean Brown BandRock’n’roll/alt-country singer songwriter Sean Brown broke onto the Canadian music scene with his debut album “ready fire aim”; the album’s 1st single charted in the top ten on 92.9 KICK FM. His live shows are a journey into a world of heart break and redemption with songs that are as catchy as they are pure and simple. Sean’s eclectic mix of tunes has been compared to Ryan Adams, Jeff Buckley and the Pixies’ front man Frank Black. Having graduated in 1991 and even having survived a short stint on the Kelvin staff in 2007-2008, Sean continues writing and performing across Canada. The Uniter exclaimed “Fans of catchy, driving rock may have  a new favourite with Sean Brown”.

Taylor and Young (duo club pop dance music, two person band)

Taylor & YoungGet your groove on with Taylor & Young. Scott Young and Karen Taylor mix their minds and jump with a fresh jive called Funk-the Urban Street Experience or The F.U.S.E.! Join
this exciting roller-coaster ride to the ever-changing soul of the city. With a Juno-award winning groove and powerful lyrics, this super-hot act intoxicates and electrifies! Taylor & Young’s “Urban Street Funk” heats up the city! Get up and get down, the FUSE train is about to pull out of the station… quick , be cool. Get on board!

Stormbringer (rock, four person band)

Stormbringer in 1977Stormbringer developed during the mid-seventies from a core group of River Heights kids with a similar interest in the heavy, blues-rock sound of that era. Tom Paterson, Richard
Schultz and David Morrow (all from the Kelvin class of ‘78) , connected with Scott Gibson (’80) sometime late in 1976 to establish the band in its final form . Practicing out of the basement of St. Aidan’s church on Kingsway, the band spent the next several years playing school dances, socials and bars as loudly and energetically as possible.

Stormbringer in 2009Tom Paterson (guitar) is President of Junction Craft Brewing in Toronto, Ontario. Richard Schultz (guitar) is  Senior Vice-President, General Counsel, Great-West LIFECO inc. in Denver, Colorado. David Morrow (drums) is  a freelance product designer at David Morrow Product Design and Visualization in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Scott Gibson (bass and lead vocal)is Vice President & General Counsel at Ciel Satellite LP in Ottawa, Ontario.

The band re-formed for the class of 1978’s thirtieth reunion in 2008 and have been getting back together once a year to descend on some poor establishment and once again… “rock as loud and energetically as possible!”

Steve Vallentyne (solo piano, will only play in between the three folk acts at the beginning of the event)