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Sponsors of the Kelvin High School 100th Anniversary

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Get your group back together

Join all of your past classmates at the event of the past century


Come one come all to the Kelvin 100th Anniversary. Whether you graduated from Kelvin, you’re the spouse, sibling, parent or child of a grad, past staff, or just look great in Cherry & Grey, we look forward to hosting you at the event of the past century over the weekend of May 25 – 27, 2012.


JOIN the alumni (mailing) list or submit your Memories to our Memories section.


VIEW the alumni list to ensure you’re listed, and make sure your classmates are there too. OR, just peruse to see who’s already committed to coming to the event.


REVIEW your alumni record, and make sure we have your current email address,¬†add Then and Now photos, or share some information about what you’re now up to.


Share this site with all of your friends by clicking on this link. It’s sure to be an event that all Kelvinites will remember for years to come.